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Customizing your Lashes 101

Customizing your Lashes 101

There are a handful of people who still struggle with applying their false lashes. If you struggle OR are the person that always says, “lashes are uncomfortable” or “they always make my eyes water,” this may be why…

  1. You’re not using Pretty N Mink’s quality mink lashes, handcrafted with a thin cotton band for comfort.
  2. You’re not customizing your lashes properly, or even at all. 
 Note: All our lashes come with a slightly longer band to ensure they lashes fit EVERY person’s eye shape. Therefore, you customize them!
We want your lashes to fit YOU perfectly for the ultimate comfort and best lash experience. Every time you purchase a new pair of lashes, you should do this…
  1. Gently remove your new lashes from the packaging using a pair of tweezers.
  2. Lay your lashes over your upper lash line in the position you would like them (without glue). The inner corner of your false lash (where the shortest hairs are) should be positioned where your natural lashes begin.
  3. In this step you can either use your fingers to pinch where the excess outer corner of the false lashes begins OR use a pair of tweezers to leave an indication on the lash band where the excess begins. Just like the inner corner lashes, the outer corner lashes should end where your natural lashes end.
 Note: This is where a lot of people go wrong! They don’t properly match up their false lashes with the inner/outer corners of their natural lash line. If the lash is too far on the inner corner, the eyes will water. If the excess outer corner is left to be glued on, you simply look crazy!
    1. Cut the excess lash from the outer corner. Cutting the inner side of the lash can cause discomfort on the eye, so try to avoid this.
     Note: For the best results, cut little by little and compare your false lash to your lash line as you go. Don’t just measure once and be satisfied.
    1. Some people like to measure one eye and use that as reference for the other lash or simply repeat the steps on the next lash. It is completely up to you! Just like eyebrows, they’re sisters, not twins. So, it is common for one lash line to slightly differ from the other,
    2. Once both lashes are customized to your eye shape, it’s time to GLUE!!! You’re all done.

    Taking a few minutes to customize your lashes is an extra step that could make or break your look. It’s always important to do this to ensure ultimate comfort and of course get your false lashes looking as natural as possible. The great thing is, you only have to do this 1x for each new pair of lashes.

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