Our Story

Welcome to the evolution of Pretty N Mink into The Self Care Beauty Bar! I'm Natavia, the visionary behind this transformative beauty experience.

Passion Unveiled: Having started as a lash artist, I discovered my love for beauty services and the profound impact they have on a woman's confidence and sense of self. Five years of trials and experiences fueled my passion, leading me to embark on a new chapter—offering lash trainings to aspiring lash artists.

Qualifications and Growth: With a solid foundation of five years perfecting my craft and background in marketing, I outgrew my home-based salon suite and took a leap of faith. The dream of my own storefront emerged, leading me to the realization that an esthetician license was essential. So, I enrolled myself in esthetician school, where a newfound passion for skincare was discovered.

Expanding Horizons: Embracing my role as a service provider, I ventured into facials and facial waxing services, expanding my offerings to provide a comprehensive beauty experience. The desire to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals led to the birth of a beauty bar and salon suites business.

Connecting on a Personal Level: At the core of my approach is a personal connection with clients. I've created a safe space where conversations flow freely, offering an empathetic ear without judgment. From the little details to intentional gestures like freebies and snacks, I've crafted a beauty bar that mirrors the warmth and authenticity I would seek in such a space.

A Beauty Bar Redefined: In essence, we are more than a beauty bar—it's a representation of what I, as a beauty enthusiast, envisioned. A space where passion meets professionalism, and every woman leaves feeling not just beautiful but truly seen and heard.

Join me on this journey of beauty, empowerment, and connection. See you at the beauty bar!

The Wax Honcho: The Grand Opening Mixer Event in Hampton, VA 08/28/2021

Protext Your Puffz Event at Old Dominion University 02/23/2020 

Girls that Fade: Women's Empowerment Workshop Event in Chesapeake, VA 06/02/2019