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Introducing Pretty N Mink

    Blog-Introducing Pretty N Mink
        Welcome to our blog! This is Natavia , founder of PNM. I created this blog to help answer any questions or concerns you may have on lashes and to give you useful tips and tricks. My brand offers affordable, Mink lashes to the beauty world and inspires young ladies to become BOSS WOMEN. I had this idea at the beginning of 2018 when I was trying to decide on a business that could help women feel more confident. I noticed the demand for more quality and affordable lashes for females that don’t have the extra money to spend. I figured why not offer something that could be a small investment to boost your confidence. Instead of spending a few dollars on cheap lashes that only are only reusable a few times, purchase a pair for $12.99 to reuse then up to 30x.
        I also want to use this brand to inspire young ladies and women to follow their dreams. I realized at a young age that if I wanted to be successful in life, I had to go get it. My mother taught me that nothing will ever be handed to me in life. As a young, black entrepreneur, I have made the decision to do just that. I put a 110% into creating this brand and I hope it shows. I am tired of working for a companies that don’t value me or my work ethic. I am tired of being on someone else’s “schedule.” I know that I am smart enough and more than capable of achieving ANYTHING in life. I am STRONG. I am INDEPENDENT. I am SMART. I am a HUSTLER. I am a BOSS. I live by this and I hope I can inspire a young lady aspiring to accomplish her dreams.
        The experience that I provide my customers is also crucial. As a customer, I like to think I spent my money on the right thing(s) and with a trusted brand. I take pride in the customer service I provide because this is MY brand. Everything has to be set to MY standards. I am more than happy to assist any customer in any step of their purchase. 
       I want to end this by saying THANK YOU for checking out this blog. Sign up for our email subscription to know when we post our next blog !

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