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Ultimate Lash Training Manual (Hard Copy)

Ultimate Lash Training Manual (Hard Copy)

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Introducing the Ultimate Lash Training Manual: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Classic and Volume Lash Extensions!

Unlock the secrets to becoming a skilled lash artist with this all-in-one Ultimate Lash Training Manual. Whether you're just starting out on your lash artist journey or looking to expand your skill set, this comprehensive manual combines the essential theory and practical techniques of both classic and volume lash extensions.

Inside this meticulously written manual, you'll find a wealth of knowledge that covers every aspect of lash extensions. From understanding lash anatomy to mastering different techniques, our step-by-step guide will take you from the basics of classic lashes to the complexities of volume lashes, ensuring a thorough understanding and seamless transition between the two.

Enjoy the convenience of a fully downloadable, professionally designed training manual at an incredibly affordable price. With the right drive, ambition, goals, and focus, this manuals can turn your career aspirations into a financial reality. Order your copy today!

Who's it For

Are you a lash artist seeking to start your lash career, expand your current skill set, or refresh your knowledge on both classic and volume lash extensions? This Ultimate Lash Training Manual is the perfect investment, providing you with a comprehensive guide that covers the essential theory and practical techniques of everything lash extensions. It serves as a valuable reference guide and a cost-effective alternative to multiple courses. This training manual alone does NOT provide certification.


Are you a lash educator looking for a complete training resource? Look no further! This pre-written training manual is an invaluable tool designed to save you time and effort in creating your own curriculum. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices and elevate your brand by effortlessly sharing your expertise with your students.

What's Included

1 x In-depth Ultimate Lash Training Manual (Hard Copy)

Table of Contents:

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume Lashes

Lash Anatomy


Allergic Reactions

Curls, Diameters, and Lengths

Lash Mapping and Styling

Supplies Checklist

Reputable Brands

Product Knowledge

Lash Application and Removal


Step by Step Services

Fill Ins



Pre-Appointment and Consultation


Sanitation and Safety

License vs Certification


Gaining and Retaining Clients

Setting Appointments



Sample Forms

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Lash Terminology



Russian vs American Volume

Diameters and Weight

Types of Fans

Fanning Methods

Wide vs Narrow Fans

Thin vs Flat Base Fans

Lash Wrapping

Advanced Anatomy

Advanced Product Knowledge

Working with Layers

Changing the Set or Style

Lashing Sequence

Curly Natural Lashes

Classic and Volume Theory Exam



172 Pages


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