Lash Extensions Care

Things to Know

  • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Wait 48 hours to start cleaning your lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and touching your lashes with your fingers.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers.
  • ONLY use oil-free products.
  • Crying, oil, sweat, steam, and chlorine weaken the lash bond and will cause the lashes to fall out sooner.
  • Always clean your lashes after crying, sweating, washing your hair, or swimming.
  • Be cautious with extreme heat, especially when cooking (boiling water, opening the stove, etc).
  • When showering... ventaliate the bathroom so the steam doesn't accumulate and avoid high water pressure (don't aim the shower head directly at your lashes).
  • If your lash extensions get tangled/crossed, use a spoolie (given to you at the time of appointment) to brush out your lashes. 
  • Keep your lashes clean with our Lash Cleanser that is included in our Aftercare Kit. If you wear makeup, workout/sweat regularly, or have oily skin... clean your lashes 5-7 times a week. If not, you can clean your lashes at least 3-4 times a week.
  • NO mascara or waterproof makeup products.
  • After showers... blot lashes dry, let them air dry, or use a small fan (preferred and can be purchased here).
  • Try to avoid heavy makeup, oily moisturizers, sunscreen, face creams, and oils around the eye area. These products break down the adhesive quicker and will cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. 
  • We shed approximately 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. It is normal to lose up to 5 extensions per eye within the first 24 hours, do not be alarmed! Your lash tech will apply approximately 100 extensions to each eye, so expect to lose between 42-63 lashes after 2-3 weeks. That is why fill ins are important. 
  • Schedule fills every 2-3 weeks. You need at least 40% of your lashes remaining for a fill. Anything after 3 weeks is considered a new set. Book a new set after the 3rd fill.
    • Classic set (up to 18 days)
    • Hybrid (up to 21 days)
    • Volume/Mega Volume (up to 24 days)
  • It's best to let a professional remove your lashes. Removing them on your own can damage your natural lashes if done incorrectly.

    How to Clean Lash Extensions

    • Purchase an Aftercare Kit at your lash appointment to clean your lash extensions. You'll also need a low setting/small fan for drying (available here).
    • Shake cleanser well before use.
    • Add 1-2 pumps of lash cleanser on the cleansing brush or eye (do not use a cotton swab, pad, or any fibrous material). 
    • One eye at a time, distribute the cleanser onto the lash line.
    • Gently work the cleanser along the lash line (mostly horizontally) and then from root to tip. 
    • Rinse your lash extensions off with cool/lukewarm water.
    • Pat dry the excess water with a paper towel.
    • Allow your lashes to air dry or blow dry with a mini fan on a cool setting.
    • Use a spoolie to brush them out. ALL DONE. 
    • If you wear makeup, workout/sweat regularly, or have oily skin... clean your lashes daily. If not, you can clean your lashes every other day (at least 3-4) times a week.

    If you have a question or are unsure about the after care, please contact your lash technician. Disregarding these aftercare tips will result in poor lash retention.

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