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How Our Lashes Are Made

 A lot of people wonder how our Pretty N Mink lashes are made so we’re here to give you the scoop.

How Our Lashes Are Made | Blog

All our Mink lashes are handcrafted from 100% premium quality Siberian minks. The hairs are collected as they shed from Minks’ tails and sterilized. No worries, the animals are well cared for and aren’t harmed throughout this process. We also don’t use harmful chemicals or dyes during the sterilizing process, just to make sure the lashes are safe for human use. Then, different hairs are selected for different lash designs based on pattern and length. That’s why you’ll notice “real mink” lashes are not 100% uniform. Next, our manufacturer arranges all the lashes by hand on a cotton band lashes to give them the perfect styles for our beautiful customers. Once they are curled, tapered, and styled to perfection for our desired pattern, they are packaged in our custom designed boxes, shipped, and put on our website for purchase.
Easy, but not so easy. This is a long process because we make sure ALL our lashes are HANDMADE. So, there you have it…

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